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Richard Allen Schools - Charter Schools in Dayton, OH - Public Schools in Dayton, OH - K through 9 Education

It is our teachers who make us who we are. They take the  Richard Allen script and make it come alive..

Faculty Overview

Teachers at Richard Allen Schools are dedicated to helping students become the best self-disciplined and self-reliant individuals they can be. With small class sizes, RAS teachers are able to provide individual attention to students to increase their academic and social success.

High Marks

Over the past six years, the Richard Allen School District has not only been rated by the Ohio Department of Education Office of School Options as some of the best schools in the state, but parents and community and corporate leaders give the school high marks as well. Parent satisfaction surveys each year rate the schools at over 90% in satisfaction. Since Richard Allen Schools' inception, test scores each year show student improvement by one- to two-year levels on the standardized IOWA test. In addition to the core curriculum, over 120 of the students participate in the Richard Allen School District Choir and our students participate in other extracurricular activities such as basketball and track.

In order to help our students, teachers and staff be the best they can be, the Richard Allen School District also identifies "best practices" within our schools and within the education arena to ensure that our teachers and staff have available to them the best practices possible to help children not only succeed academically, but also to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning.

Caring Innovative Teamwork

The teachers of Richard Allen School District understand that their primary responsibility is getting students to believe in themselves. This is accomplished by creating and communicating a positive attitude about students — that they are special. A positive classroom environment creates an atmosphere that encourages students to learn. This caring aspect is not only to be carried out in the classroom environment but in every aspect of the school. Students, teachers, staff, parents and partners will know that to the Richard Allen School District everyone is important — everyone is special.


Students from approximately 18 school districts across the Dayton and Hamilton areas are enrolled at Richard Allen Schools.

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