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Parent Expectations


The Richard Allen Schools' goal is to establish a network of committed, determined parents who will take the lead in forging a strong, productive relationship with their campus faculty and staff. Parent leaders will be role models, motivators, communicators, and full participating partners in the education of their students.

Our Expectations

  • Be a direct contact with other home parents
  • Help with planning and conducting events, field trips, and projects
  • Recruit other parents to become parent leaders
  • Personally contact and encourage other parents to faithfully attent PA meetings
  • Offer support, encouragement, and advice to parents not fulfilling the RAS parent agreement
  • Help create a culture of personal accountability
  • Support efforts to help students achieve the campus behavior management goals of self-disciplined and self-reliant students
  • Work with faculty and staff to help the campus meet its 90% pass rate goal on Ohio's academic achievement tests