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Ohio Learning Standards: What your student should know and be able to do!

As parents we want our children to get a good education, do well in their studies and achieve success. Most believe that education can lead to success but what makes educating a child successful? Just believing in education, does not guarantee a child's success. It is more complex than that. It requires invested partners (parents, administrators, teachers, staff and community members) with knowledge, the ability to apply knowledge, being accountable, and having diligence.

As a parent, it is important to partner with your child's school in the educational process. This means staying informed, being connected and remaining in ongoing communication with the school concerning its policies, procedures, programs and your child's performance and progress. Beyond that, the most powerful thing a parent can do from the beginning of their child's educational journey is to get an understanding of what your child should know and be able to do as a student based on their grade-level. The State of Ohio has given a pathway to success for all parents to be able to do this. Please visit the link below to see the Ohio Learning Standards according to grade level or content area.

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