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Richard Allen Schools: My Choice in Education!

As we celebrate NSCW 2021 please share why RAS is "YOUR CHOICE IN EDUCATION" by signing in and leaving a comment! We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to partner with you on your child's educational journey!

RAS is my choice because..**

"Was a student here years ago and appreciate the educational experience."

"I love its Class structure, staff is very personal & family oriented. I also love the meaning behind the students reciting the Creed & the Pledge."

"Love the school academics and culture."

"I felt a welcoming vibe and energy when I did my school visit."

"The teachers and staff are very concerned with the students well being."

"I love their dedication to the students."

"I love the curriculum and the approach that they use with their students."

"Because the teachers are well educated and that is what I like."

**Responses collected from 2020 RAS Parent School Survey

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