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Richard Allen Schools...

THE Choice for your child's elementary educational experience! Richard Allen Schools empower all student learners to become educated and productive citizen leaders of the world. Every student enrolled in our district receives a quality education in a family friendly but rigorous learning environment.

Priority Re-Enrollment for the 2024 -2025 SY

  • January 22nd through February 9th.

  • Current parents receive Priority Re-enrollment forms to complete in their FiveStar Registration Accounts indicating their intention to stay at the school for the next school year.

  • The Priority Re-enrollment forms should be completed no later than February 9th. 

  • Once the the re-enrollment forms have been completed, returning parents will receive their official re-enrollment confirmation letter for the upcoming school year. 


Open Enrollment/General Public Enrollment for the 2024 -2025 SY 

  • Any student must be 5 years old by September 30th, 2024 to be enrolled for Kindergarten for the 24-25 SY.

  • To begin the admissions process for Richard Allen Schools, an online Enrollment Application Request Form will need to be submitted. 

  • Once the online Enrollment Application Request Form has been received, parents will receive the next steps to complete their child's application via email.   

  • New student applications will be accepted in order of receipt during the open enrollment period.

  • Students not gaining admission for the upcoming school year will be placed on a waiting list and offered admission on a space-available basis.

General Information

  • Applications must be filled out completely. Only complete applications will be accepted.

  • Students on the current year waiting list must reapply for admission for the upcoming new school year.

  • Busing will be available only through your local public school district for those parents who are eligible according to the district's busing policies. Contact your district of residence's transportation office for further information.

How Do I Apply to Richard Allen Schools?

Thank you for choosing Richard Allen Schools as

your educational choice! 

We are excited that you are here.

Enrollment Application
Request Form

Richard Allen Schools partner with Five Star Registration System, an online forms and data management service. 

Five Star Registration allows you to complete and sign enrollment forms for your children all in one place.

To begin the admissions process for Richard Allen Schools (Preparatory & Academy), please complete one of the

Enrollment Application Request forms below.

IMG_1506 (1)_edited_edited.png

RA Academy
Hamilton Campus

RA Preparatory
Dayton Campuses

Required Documents for Enrollment

**Important Note: A completed application without all required documents does not guarantee placement for enrollment.


  • Copy of valid parent/guardian driver’s license or state ID 

  • Copy of student’s birth certificate 

  • Complete updated immunization records 

  • A recent photograph of student. (a copy is acceptable) 

  • Copy of most current grade card 

  • IEP & ETR (if applicable)

  • Proof of address/residency (POR) requirements


Upon your student’s confirmed enrollment, current proof of residency (POR) will be required for all new enrollees and when a change of address occurs. POR's must be dated within 30-60 days of the enrollment date. Residency shall be established by providing an original copy of one (1) item from the following list: 

  • A deed, mortgage, lease, current home owner’s or renter’s insurance declaration page, or current real property tax bill; 

  • A utility bill or receipt of utility installation issued within sixty days of enrollment; 

  • A paycheck or pay-stub issued to the parent or student within sixty days of enrollment that includes the address of the parent’s or student’s primary residence; 

  • The most current available bank statement issued to the parent or student that includes the address of the parent’s or student’s primary residence; 

  • Any other official document issued to the parent or student that includes the address of the parent’s or student’s primary residence and as approved by the Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Please email any enrollment questions or inquiries to

  • Once your request has been submitted, you will receive your next steps via email. 

  • When we approve your Enrollment Application Request and you have been invited to our FiveStar Registration System, you will have two weeks from that date to complete your enrollment application forms. If parents DO NOT complete the enrollment forms within the given timeline, they will be considered not interested in attending our school and your enrollment application will be rejected. Therefore, it is important that families complete their enrollment within the given timeline. 

  • Incomplete enrollment applications cannot be processed.

  • Proof of residency will be required upon your application. 

If you need further assistance, please contact Ms. Anderson @  937-221-9405 Ext. 120 or by email @


If the number of applications for a particular grade level exceeds the number of available openings for that grade level, students will be placed on a waiting list according to the order in which they were received. Parents will be notified when an opening has become available for their student.


WestPark Academy is a part of the Richard Allen Schools family. If you have a child ready to start Pre-K, please visit the WestPark Academy's website and complete an application by clicking on the link below.

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