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Our goal is to provide a private school experience in a public school setting.


Here's what parents can expect when they choose a Richard Allen School:


  • Challenging early learning preparation

  • Continuous assessment

  • High expectations

  • Academic rigor

  • Direction instruction methods

  • Caring staff members

  • Parent engagement


If this is what you want and expect for your student, we would be delighted for you to apply for admission to Richard Allen Schools.

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What to Expect


The Richard Allen Way is an educational experience driven by research and implemented with passion. What we do and how we do it reflects what solid research tells us works. The Richard Allen Way is, in effect, the essentials for academic achievement presented with proven best practices.

We know and believe that this is a script for success.


But a script is just words on paper until it's in the hands of a proven professional performer. And this is where implemented with passion comes in.


It is our teachers who make us who we are. They take the Richard Allen script and make it come alive. At Richard Allen we like to say: Give a great performance every day! And our teachers do.

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