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How do you celebrate Black History Month?

Hudson Valley Parent shares how to celebrate this February in a meaningful way!

Each February we start to ponder how we can celebrate Black History Month in a meaningful way and how we can impart the significance of the Civil Rights movement to our children. This February, let’s make a deal with ourselves… Rather than simply watching tear-jerking commercial on television about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let’s delve deeper. Black History Month was created as a way to require the teaching of black history in public schools, so maybe the best way we can celebrate is to learn. Here are 5 ideas to jump start your learning: Read aloud Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, and then have each member of your family write their own speeches about what they want to change in the world. Make a delicious batch of Benne Cakes. Benne cakes originate from West Africa. The word "Benne" means sesame seeds, which are associated with good luck. While eating your Benne Cakes, share some facts about African culture with your kids. Read excerpts from President Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope speech and discuss the importance of the election of our country’s first black president. Who was the first African American professional athlete? Who was the first African American elected to U.S. Congress? Teach your children all about these famous firsts in black history. Teach your kids the songs of the civil rights movement, such as “This Little Light of Mine” and “Oh, Freedom.” Discuss how the lyrics reflect the defiant and hopeful spirit of the time.

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