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Richard Allen Preparatory 4-8 is looking for some “Heavy Lifters” (both men and women) to volunteer!

Our Prep 4-8 campus is moving to its new location at 545 Odlin Avenue this month! Over the last few weeks, teachers, staff, students, and the executive team have been helping to pack, clean, organize and clear classrooms, hallways and bulletin boards!

Now the time has come that we are in need of some real heavy lifters!

We are calling upon our community and parent partners to assist us in our final stages of the move!!

Specific tasks required include moving boxes, furniture and miscellaneous items to the main floor of the building and also transporting to the new building.

Any and all assistance is appreciated!

Days and times volunteer assistance is needed are:

Tuesday, June 16th starting at 10 am.

Wednesday, June 17th starting at 10 am.

Thursday, June 18th starting at 10 am.

Work will be continuing throughout the day, volunteers are needed anytime from 10a-3p We appreciate every hour given!

Note: Volunteers should meet at 184 Salem Avenue and report to the front office. Please dress for the heat and comfort. Refreshments will be provided. Thank you in advance for assisting us in our time of need, we really do appreciate you!

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